Frequently Asked Questions


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

Owners & Investors

What is your service area?

We cover the Pittsburgh metro area and surrounding communities. From Washington to Wexford; and Moon to Monroeville. Listed below are just a few of the communities we service. If you don’t see yours listed, give us a call to see if we can protect your investments.

What differentiates you from other Property Managers?

Talk with our current clients and they will summarize it with Peace of Mind. You’ll find a partner you can trust that has your best interests in mind. There are several systems we have in place to ensure this and at the center of all of them are


  • Open lines of communication
  • Proactive Approach
  • Consistent Delivery


Read on to learn more about our service inspections and pricing structure which were designed with the investor in mind.

Do you visit the properties?

Monitoring your investment is critical to its success. We have two scheduled service visits a year where we


  • perform necessary maintenance to keep your property safe and cost efficient
  • check in on your tenants and provide value to their rental experience so they stay longer


Your property and the residents that pay rent are critical to the overall investment success. If your current property manager isn’t caring for both they are not maximizing your investment.

What is your pricing structure like?

You expect a certain level of service and specific duties taken off your plate for your rental investment. Whether your rental is $900/m or $2500/m that list is the same. So why do most property managers charge 8-10% of the monthly rental rate ($90 – $250/m in that example) for the same service…


We don’t know either. We understand what services you desire and have a flat price that covers that service.

What level of involvement should I expect when you manage one of my properties?

Our clients value all the benefits of rental investing, but do not like the headaches associated with managing the properties and tenants. Our services were designed with that in mind.

What type of properties do you manage?

We manage a wide range of property types across our service, but at the core of our business is providing homes for our residents to make memories in.

What criteria is used for tenant screening?

Our in-house leasing team reviews all applications to balance the goals to maximize value for our owners. Those goals are:


  1. Place high quality residents that will take care of the home and have the financial stability to afford it
  2. Place a resident in a timely manner to avoid vacancy
  3. Receive a market rent for the residence


In order to achieve those goals we have an extensive rental application. We perform a criminal background check, obtain a comprehensive credit report, verify income and job status, review resident’s prior rental history, and assess their interactions with our leasing team throughout the process.

We follow all guidelines set forth by the Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant Law

I’m a current client, where can I find my Owner Portal?

Click the “Owner Login” button at the top right of this page or:

Follow this link to all your property information, from inspection reports to financial reports.

Can you help me if I want to grow my rental portfolio?

Yes, we are investors ourselves and purchase several homes a month. We’d be happy to understand your unique situation to see where we could help you realize your investment goals. Call us at 724.884.7389 to learn more.

Current Residents

Where do I pay rent?

You can view and pay your rent via:

  • Tenant web portal:
  • rmResident app on your phone.  Use company code “freedom” to set up
  • Can pay cash at these locations Please reach out to us if you are interested in this option
  • A check can be mailed to Freedom Property Advantage, 1146 Venetia Rd, Eighty Four, PA 15330

Where do I report issues?

You can report service issues via:

What should I do in the event of an emergency after hours?




An emergency maintenance problem is something that if not taken care of IMMEDIATELY will cause significant damage.  Emergencies usually involve water or heating.  If it involves water, your first step is to use the shutoffs located on the property.  If the water continues to run after closing the shutoff, call 412-567-4400 and follow the prompts to report an emergency.


Lack of air conditioning is not an emergency and can wait until the next business day.  Loss of heat is an emergency so please call 412-567-4400 and follow the prompts to report an emergency.


Your water, gas, and electric shutoffs have been labeled with Blue, Yellow, and Red tags and instructions to locate and operate should be on your refrigerator.


For emergencies you can text: 412-275-5415 or call: 412-567-4400


For all issues we ask that you use your Tenant portal to report and we will address the next business day.

I’m late on my rent, can you waive my late fees?

On time payment of rent is an integral part of the landlord tenant relationship. We take online payment very seriously and we do not waive late fees. Rent is due the 1st of the month and tenants are provided a five day grace period. After the 5th day, the late fee is $100 and then $25/day thereafter. If you are going to be late with rent, please notify us via email or text at 412-275-5415

Prospective Residents

What is the typical acceptance criteria to rent one of your properties?

Our acceptance criteria is a minimum 650 credit score and income to rent ratio ≥ 3x. However, not meeting one or both of these does not immediately disqualify you from being able to live in one of our residences. We evaluate all aspects of your application. Not meeting the above criteria may include a higher security deposit in order to secure a residence.

Where can I find all your available properties for rent?

All of our available properties can be found by clicking the Listing link at the top of this page or following the link.  From this page, you can browse our properties and schedule a showing.

Where can I fill out an application for one of your properties?

You can apply for a home that you are interested in by clicking the Apply Online button at the top right of the page. This will take you to our online application where you can begin your journey to your new residence and live with the Freedom Property Advantage!

What should I do in the event I arrive at a contactless showing and can’t get in?

Your access code will be sent when you arrive on site for your showing. You should have received step by step instructions via a text on how to access the property. Be sure to follow the instructions and ensure location services are enabled in all required mobile applications.

If you are still having an issue with access, send a text to 412-643-2455

Do you have options for different length lease terms?

Yes, we are happy to work with our residents on lease term lengths that may differ from the standard 1 year term. We will be happy to discuss options during the application process.

Do you have options if I’d eventually like to purchase a home?

We do have a few properties available that allow for the option to buy at a later date, call us at 412-567-4400 to learn more.

Do you allow pets?

Many of our properties allow pets. The pet policy will be listed in the listing details for each specific property. Certain dog breeds are prohibited and are outlined in the online application.

Still have questions?

Contact us and we will follow up with you as soon as we can! Let’s Talk!